Rocket City Marathon

Half the Marathon


Half the Marathon - run the back half of the marathon course. At 9am registered participants will merge onto the marathon course to run out to the Space and Rocket Center and Botanical Gardens with the marathoners before returning to the same exciting finish line inside the VBC South Hall!

Registration opens September 1st at noon (Central). The total number of spots available will be half the number of registered participants for the marathon. Set an alarm ... wait by your computer ... hire a friend who can click a mouse button in a fraction of a second ... whatever it takes because this race will sell out quickly. Even if you don't get in, put your name on the waiting list. As participants register for the marathon, spots will open up for Half the Marathon. Transfers from the half to the marathon are allowed, but not the reverse.

Important information regarding this running of Half the Rocket City Marathon:

  • The race will start exactly 2 hours after the start of the marathon. We anticipate this being 7am and 9am, but it could vary by a minute or two.

  • Half the Marathon participants will start on Church Street and run north to Holmes where they will turn left. They will soon merge with the marathoners. Marathoners and Half Marathoners will have different color bibs, so you can quickly determine whether or not someone is in your race.

  • Mile markers for the half will be placed on the course, but split times for the half will NOT be called out. Half marathoners will hear the split times for the marathon - simply subtract 2 hours and you'll have your time.

  • There is a strict 4 hour time limit. You will be asked to leave the course if you fall behind the sweepers for the marathon. They should be maintaining approximately a 13:44 pace.

  • Both marathoners and half marathoners will cross the same finish line. This offers the unique opportunity for friends to finish the race together with one running the marathon and the other running the half.

  • Aid stations on the back half of the marathon will serve for both races, but ... "Half marathoners can only drink half as much water as the marathoners, it's only fair." - Coach Dwayne


Finally, we would like to thank David Hall and Southern Marketing Associate, Inc. for once again sponsoring this year's running of Half the Marathon. Southern Marketing Associates is a customer driven manufacturer's representative organization. They pride themselves in providing solutions for world class manufacturers in nearly aspect of test and measurement. For more information about Southern Marketing Associate, Inc, please contact David at (256) 763-2112 or

For more information regarding Half the Rocket City Marathon, please contact Dwayne and Dana DeBardelaben at