Marathon Relay

Leg 4 & Exchange Zone 4

Leg 4 - 6.34 miles

The fourth leg of the 2019 RCM Relay is the most physically demanding. It is the longest leg and also encounters the most elevation change. None of the hills are severe, but the one entering the Botanical Gardens is the steepest on the course. On the flip side, this leg is potentially the most rewarding since it runs through the Space & Rocket Center and Botanical Gardens.

Navigation & Parking

The following recommended route may help you navigate between the VBC and Exchange Zone 4. In addition, more details on the Exchange Zone and Parking are given below..

Route between Exchange Zone 4 and the VBC

After the start of the half-marathon at 9:00 am, this route should only encounter runners at the intersection of Bob Wallace Ave and Biscayne/11th St. Please see details on the page for Leg 5 regarding where to go when returning to the VBC.


Parking is available in the Botanical Gardens large gravel parking area. Enter the Botanical Gardens and turn left. The image below from Google Maps is slightly outdated, but the locations are accurate.