Marathon Relay

Leg 3 & Exchange Zone 3

Leg 3 - 4.19 miles

The third leg of the 2019 RCM Relay returns to the downtown area, passes Veterans Park, and heads out toward the Space & Rocket Center before ending at Exchange Zone 3 just past Lowe Mill and Gold Sprint Coffee. This is the shortest leg in the relay, and there is a net elevation loss.

Navigation & Parking

To help you navigate between the VBC and Exchange Zone 3, or move on to Exchange Zone 4, there are two recommended routes and parking directions given below.

  • Route between Exchange Zone 3 and the VBC

  • Route from Exchange Zone 3 to Exchange Zone 4

  • Parking Diagram

Route between Exchange Zone 3 and the VBC

Depending on the time, this route may encounter runners twice, once at the intersection of Governor’s Drive and Seminole, and again at the intersection of Heart of Huntsville and Monroe.

Route to Exchange Zone 4 from Exchange Zone 3

The route will likely encounter runners at the intersection of Jordan Lane and 9th Avenue. Enter the Botanical Gardens from Bob Wallace Ave and then turn left into the parking area.


Parking is available in the Central Baptist Church parking lot, as well as along the street. NOTE: The parking lot is in disrepair, so use caution when parking and walking through the lot. Please avoid crossing 9th Ave to reach this Exchange Zone. This area will be highly congested with runners going in both directions.