Marathon Relay

Leg 1 & Exchange Zone 1

Leg 1 - 5.31 miles

The first leg of the 2019 RCM Relay enjoys the thrill of the start while winding through Twickenham, downtown Huntsville, and then out to Lee High School. There are some rolling hills with a slight (~100ft) elevation gain mostly from mile 3 to 4.5.

Navigation & Parking

To help you navigate from the VBC to Exchange Zone 1 and then return to the VBC, or move on to Exchange Zone 2, there are three recommended routes and parking directions given below.

  • Route to Exchange Zone 1 from the VBC

  • Route from Exchange Zone 1 back to VBC (this is different so it doesn’t intersect the marathon route)

  • Route from Exchange Zone 1 to Exchange Zone 2

  • Parking Diagram (please read note below regarding train tracks)

Route to Exchange Zone 1 from VBC

This route should avoid the marathon course if taken immediately after the start of the race. See parking section below for more details.

Route to VBC from Exchange Zone 1

The route is different than the one from the VBC to Exchange Zone 1 because the lead marathon runners may have made it back to the downtown area.

Route to Exchange Zone 2 from Exchange Zone 1

This route should avoid the marathon course entirely.


Parking is available behind Lee High School in the area designated below. Please enter from Quietdale Dr to avoid the marathon course as much as possible. When leaving the area, marathon and relay participants will be running on Christian Ln, so stay to the left and turn left on Quietdale Dr.

NOTE: There are active train tracks that cross Quietdale, and we have no control over train schedules. It is unlikely, but a train could block your exit route. If possible, we’ll coordinate with Lee High School to make the parking area in the upper left of the picture available since there is a walking bridge that goes over the tracks.