Marathon Relay

We’re excited to offer the inaugural running of the Rocket City Marathon Relay with teams consisting of 2-5 people. Registration will open on July 1, 2019.


Run for fun and charity

The addition of relay teams to the Rocket City pantheon of races serves two important purposes for the Huntsville Track Club:

  • To promote running in all shapes and sizes. For a variety of reasons including experience, training, and scheduling, not everyone is at a point where he/she is ready to complete a marathon, but many would still love to participate in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

  • To give back to the community in the form of charitable donations. At least half of all registration fees (and possibly more) will be given to one of 5 designated charities. More on this below.


  • Each team will consist of 2 to 5 people.

  • Each runner will register individually; however, the first team member to do so will create the team, while the others will simply join when they register.

  • The team member running the first leg may also run the complete marathon if he/she registers separately for the marathon. In this case, the first runner will wear two bibs, one for the relay and one for him/herself.

  • Registration will be $100/team member regardless of the number of runners on a team. A two-person team will pay a total of $200, while a five-person team will pay a total of $500. Half of all registration fees will go to charity (see below).

  • Registration will be limited to 200 teams.



  • The first runner will start with the marathon at 7:00am.

  • A race belt/bib will be provided. This will serve as the team’s baton and must be handed to the next runner in a relay exchange zone. There will be 4 exchange zones located approximately:

    • Zone 1 - mile 5.5 (Lee High School Athletic Area)

    • Zone 2 - mile 10.75 (Russell and Wellman)

    • Zone 3 - mile 15 (Central Baptist on 9th)

    • Zone 4 - mile 21.25 (exit of Botanical Gardens)

  • Relay teams will be subject to marathon time limits.

  • Shuttle service to/from exchange zones will NOT be provided.

  • A pre-finish reunion area will be established so all team members may cross the finish line together. It is the responsibility of team members to return to this area before the final runner reaches the finish.

  • Each team member will receive a relay race shirt, a relay medal, and a relay finisher gift.

  • There are no awards for relay teams based on time.

  • In the event of an exceptionally fast team, the baton will be held at each exchange zone long enough to give the marathon leader at least a 5 minute buffer.


In conjunction with the Huntsville Track Club and our 4 Relay Exchange Zone sponsors, each relay team member will have an opportunity to designate half of his/her registration fee to one of 5 pre-determined charities. It is not necessary for all members of a team to choose the same charity.

In addition, each relay runner can do MORE for the designated charity if desired by becoming a fundraiser (one of the options available during registration). If he/she raises more than $200 for the charity, $50 of his/her registration fee will be refunded.